Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Legacy of Hero

The Legacy of Hero
What Hero means to me

We would still feel very privileged if everyone would copy a picture of Hero off this page and make it their profile picture on Facebook on February 14, 2012, as well as ask all of your friends to do the same. If they ask why, send them to this page. More pictures of Hero are at the bottom of this page.

It has taken us here a couple days to fully realize the effects of Sunday, in being that Hero has taken his trip North of the Rainbow Bridge.
I know that he is very happy there as well as in perfect health now and all of the other Siberian Huskies are teaching him all kinds of new things and he is jumping and playing to his little hearts content.
We here have been making all kinds of new friends all the time here in the online community especially in attempting to help Hero as much as we could.
Our Hu Dad used to be a special events coordinator with a major Pizza chain here in Ohio, and when he asked us what we thought about the idea, what could we say? Go for it! As long as you don't forget about us, and does that mean more nom noms?
And quite honestly he is amazed about all of the the positive influence that it has towards helping Hero and Alley with the bills.
We first met Hero, in stumbling across his Chip In that was put up by Alley when she first got him and needed help in getting him to the vet doctor to help him. We began to share Hero's Chip-In that Alley had posted on a Facebook Page. To us this little guy did not deserve the situation that someone threw in into at the shelter to start with, we were all upset. We were going how can you have a puppy like this and not take him to get medical help? Then allowing ourselves to think a bit deeper, we found ourselves thinking; How you you give a Christmas present such as Hero and stand by and allow him to go to the shelter because of he having seizures? When he needs medical attention! Did they not have the money or know who or where to turn? And why is he so young? He should still be with mama. We all feel that the person who gave the gift was not responsible enough, they should not have given the gift to start with. Giving a pet as a gift must have some responsibility to go along with it. With the giver as well as the person who receives the gift.
Someone did not stop and think!
If that person who gave the gift were responsible enough to oversee enough to follow up on Hero, Alley may have never met Hero. And all of us would not know about him as well.
Hero is a special kind of Siberian Husky, who needed everyone's help. And he was getting it, especially ours. He may be in L.A., California with Alley, and we may be in west central Ohio, but in trying to help him, we felt no distance at all. That was a very good feeling to us here. To this day if he were still with us we would still want to take the long trip just to see and meet this miracle.
We decided to help Hero and Alley by putting up Hero's original Chip In widget on this blog page, and attempt to help.
Our wonderful friends at FiveSibes did the same. Together we promoted Hero's Chip In together with no real communication with Alley at all. Here was Hero, it was right after Christmas and all of the Christmas Spirit was still going strong along with everyone beginning to get ready for New Year's Eve.  That is one bad wrap for this fur pal. Just in a few days we saw Hero's Chip-In meet it's goal  and then surpass it. We were all so happy as well as amazed we were all wooing and jumping around. It gave us such a fantastic feeling inside to see that Alley would be able to take care of Hero now.
We kept following Hero's story through Alley posting things and saw that he had been taken in for the much needed medical assistance that he needed as well as having his seizures brought under control. We were also thinking Alley would be able to save the funds to find out the cause of this little guys seizures, so he could live a normal long life and find a good loving forever home, that is, if Alley would decide not to keep him with her forever.
But unfortunately this situation was short-lived because Hero began to have seizures again. This time his seizures were getting worse and more frequent. Alley had said that he had had 8 seizures or more within a 24 hour period and that it seems that the medication that the doctor had put him on was not working.
Inside that gave us a feeling of NO!!! this cannot be happening. As things turned out, the same time a someone who was extremely persistent of wanting to adopt Hero began to put pressure on Alley because of her refusal to go forward with an adoption because of his condition and she had yet determine the underlying causes of the seizures.
We all here thought that Hero may be EPI.
Between the two things going on at the same time speaking with Alley showed us here that she was about to have a breakdown. We here decided to make a Hero Day on Feb 14th to show our support for Hero. Valentines Day to show Hero just how much everyone loves and supports him as well as Alley and give her a sense of someone is there and someone is listening in a positive kind of way. We were also thinking that if Alley needed to raise more funds Hero Day might benefit her as well as Hero to get him back into see the doctor faster.
Alley allowed a supporter of hers Kimberly to get a commissioned drawing of Hero by the artist Alisa Bradish in order to sell, as a fundraiser to get Hero in for a much needed MRI and Cat scan. And this started to be sold on Lily's Pad Pet Supplies website in Pennsylvania.
We all here LOVE our Hero Poster.
Between the two things we hoped that Alley would be able to raise the extra funds needed.
We were all extremely happy to hear it when Alley had the funds raised and Hero's appointment was made.
The doctors ended up telling Alley the results of the MRI and she relayed it to all of us, that Hero had a small pocket of fluid on his brain and that was causing the seizures, some aggression and the loss of eyesight. She also said that he needed surgery to put a shunt in to slowly drain the fluid and his young age made him a great candidate for surgery with success. Without the surgery his condition would continue to go downhill. She also told us all that there was no way that the rescue could afford the surgery, that even with the rescue discount the price would be between $7000.00 to 9000.00. Alley was very heartbroken and did not know what way to turn. We here did not like seeing Alley like this. Followers were telling her to get another Chip-In started at that time.
Alley was not capable of dealing with setting up another Chip-In after the news that she had to tell us all that night, she was devastated. She asked if anyone could set one up for her.
We told our Hu Dad that he needed to jump into the middle of this and help Alley NOW!
Hero is an Honest To God Hero in many ways because of the way he always bounces back from things and surprises everyone, even us, the way only a Hero would do. We told our Hu Dad that he is better than Underdog! He needed help!
So all of us here set up a SAVE HERO Chip-IN for Alley with the information she gave to us.
We, as well as many of Hero's followers and supporters honestly did not want to see Hero euthanized after everything he had been through with the solving the issue of his seizures so close. And that the doctors did say it should be a success and it sounded like his chances were great!

We here looked at the chances of another Chip-In for Hero succeeding and saw a good chance of it with all of the followers as well as supporters that Hero and Alley has had already going for them. The Chip-In along with the Drawings that were being sold. The only major concern being that Hero needs this surgery immediately!
With Hu Dad deciding to jump in with both feet to help Alley the best he could, by setting up the most recent Chip-In for Hero as well as trying to give all of her supporters a chance to help in more ways than just make a donation for Hero. Most people who knew about Hero had already made donations and asking for more and more would not a proper thing to do and could burden some, as well as make them feel bad about not being able to donate. So we asked everyone to please help Hero by helping us tell everyone, we need to get Hero's situation and story out to everyone, then ask them to tell everyone. We asked our friends at FiveSibes who had also been following Hero's plight to join in and so on it went. We also attempted to make a media statement up for supporters to be able to contact TV stations as well as newspapers and beyond with the assistance of FiveSibes.
Everybody was busy doing something to help the cause. Everyone was joining in and working together, there was supporters making up their own posters and putting them in Hospitals and Vet offices and anywhere else they were being allowed to.
Alley made an announcement one person donated $4000.00 towards Hero's surgery!
That really has made a difference because that was enough funds to get him in for the much needed surgery, with the rest payable. As time was of an essence. Everyone was continuing to work hard at raising funds for Hero as well as tell everyone that they knew and could. When the time came for Hero's surgery everyone was glued Alleys Facebook page as well as the blogs that had been following Hero's status for word of the outcome of the surgery. We all here were on edge with anticipation, we all had a very good feeling about what the outcome would be and our prayers and thoughts had been with Hero since the time we awoke.
Alley gave us the word "The surgery was successful in they drew some of the fluid out and got the shunt in but just as they were done his heart stopped, he quit breathing and they had to go into CPR. Hero is very critical and not at all stable at this time, Dr. wants us to be prepared that he may not make it but they will do everything they can."
All of our hearts drew a bit heavy, but we had confidence, we all know Hero by now, he will just bounce back, just watch!
We all stayed around our computer, working on raising funds to pay his medical bill, but wanting to hear those words from Alley that she had not received any bad news.
Unfortunately that only lasted a while, she communicated that "Hero is not doing well, bleeding internally and we are loosing him as the Doctors just told me. They have given him blood and fluids but he is dying. I had to authorize them to go back in and try and find the source. The Doctors state either we go back in and try and save him or we lose him for sure."
Eternity seemed to pass and Alley communicated "Just spoke with one of the 3 surgeons on Hero, he is still in surgery, they are unable to locate any particular vessel or bleeding area, they think he may have an underlying problem with his clotting factor. He is still in surgery and things are not looking good were the doctors words."
We did not know what to say or how to feel at his point, we were all just becoming numb. The Christmas Miracle as we have come to love and admire in our heart was in trouble and there was nothing that we could do but continue to believe in him and pray, pray & pray. FiveSibes even put out a support video for Hero which I have added at the bottom of this page. There has to be something! We were thinking the doctors we were sure they know how to thicken the blood so it will clot but do they have enough time? Maybe something is up with his blood counts as well ? We were looking for answers of why what was happening was happening.
Then some time later Alley communicated "I am so sorry and sad to tell you all that our Hero passed at 5:51pm."
Hu Dad had to run and give all 4 of us fur kids a big hug and look into our faces for some consolation and comfort. That helped a lot but we had to keep saying to ourselves that this could not be happening!
Our hearts felt honestly like we had known Hero most of our life and and we had just lost someone very special that could not be replaced ever.
That night when Hu Dad went to sleep he came to tell us, that he had a dream about Hero. That he was in the waiting room waiting for news on Hero, the surgeon came out and had his head bowed and then raised his head and looked him in the eyes and said I'm sorry there was nothing more we could do. Would you like to see him? Hu Dad told us he was almost in tears walking into to see him. He told us that he knelt down and put his hand on Hero's paw and just closed his eyes, and started to talk to Hero and pray. All of a sudden he took his paw out from under his hand and put it on top of his hand. He then told us that thinking he was dreaming he opened his eyes and Hero was there with his paw on top of his hand and his eyes were open just looking at him in an understanding way. Hu Dad then said he woke up finding all of us, sound asleep using him as a pillow.
How can we say this dream really happened to our Hu Dad, except by deciding that all of us here at Siberian Nation would like to make an Annual Hero Day. And backing it with effort as well as our love for Hero.
We are going to continue to have Hero Day on Feb. 14, 2012 and would like everyone to make their default Facebook picture a picture of Hero.
On that day or shortly before we will let everyone know when Hero Day will be every year. By Alley announcing it.
With everyone jumping into help Hero, and putting their all into it, looking back the results were astounding. The word of Hero's plight definitely got out. Just out of the Siberian Nation blog page we show that Hero's story was read by people in 29 different counties since the time that it was originally posted and that is not counting everyone's combined effort to spread the word about Hero to raise funds for his surgery. I know that Alley, us here at Siberian Nation as well as everyone at FiveSibes and Lily's Pad Pet Supplies would like to say a very heartfelt Thank You for everyone that has participated.
We here believe that God gave Hero to Alley for a reason, not to place blame on anyone, or to condone how short Hero's life with us all was. We believe that God placed Hero with us here on earth to open our eyes to some things. There are many people and companies or organizations as well as websites that will spread the word on common pet responsibilities, and some people separate even that into social classes of well. But they all leave out one major thing. The common followup responsibility practices and resources that assist there when you give a pet as a gift of both parties involved.
I'm sure that there are many shelters around the world that would have someone drop off a pet because of a medical condition. The shelter finds out that they can not or do not want find a forever home for the pet because of a medical condition and they are PTS. This is a sad fact. God saw that this shelter contacted Alley about Hero.
In the time that we have been following Hero since right after Christmas we have found out more out about Alley. She has not just taken in Hero, but many others with medical conditions as well and they are all getting the treatment they need. And I will say that she does this on a regular basis providing her income. There are many rescues around the world but how many of them actually have gone for more of the pets that have medical conditions than not, and gets them back on their feet and then finds them new forever homes? If you know of one please let us know here at Siberian Nation or contact Alley because there is a common bond there. For those who do not know this Alley does operate a rescue. It is called Alleys Rescued Angels
To us here her actions have been that of a True Angel for many others as well as Hero. They could not have found a better name. It is one that we have seen proven every day and day out.
There are also many people who give a Siberian Husky or other dog or pet everyday as a gift to someone, whether it be a little puppy such as Hero, or a full grown Great Dane to someone. Do they both know if there is any out of the way medical issues? Are they ready or even willing to take an issue on like this?
There are I am sure, that will, but which direction do they turn? Sometimes a simple vet visit is all that is needed. But with Hero the story was like that of others I am sure. Seizures, what does that mean? What do I do or need to do? There can be an underlying issue possibly Epilepsy or deficiencies , or a more heartfelt moment of the problem with Hero. There is much still to be learned in the medical community about this in canines, and is a very active field in research to this day.
Our annual Hero Day will be designated by Alley as the day she first met Hero. For that is the day a miracle was starting to happen here in the online pet community with Hero. It will consist of 3 activities.
    1. November is Epilepsy Awareness month, the same month as Thanksgiving. Most research into Seizures comes from this study. As they do their fundraisers as well as promotions. As Hero was having seizures and having a hard time being diagnosed much more research needs to be done.
    2. Hero Day - The Legacy of Hero: A day set aside to Honor Hero as well to highlight a yearly fundraiser for Alley's Rescued Angels in memory of Hero which will enable her to continue being the True Angel for so many. The fundraiser will go from November 1st thru January 2nd as this would be the time leading up to her busiest time in trying to save many.
    3. During the holiday season many pets are given as gifts, that is the best time to spread the word about the best practices to give a pet as a gift as well as doing it responsibly.
      I see what Hero means to me.
      Here is a great video showing a great pawcircle of support for Hero as he was in surgery on Sunday Jan.29th 2012 made by our friends at FiveSibes

       Saving One Dog Will Not Change The World
      Saving One Dog Will Change That Dogs World Forever!

      Alley is still accepting donations to help cover Hero's medical bill, anyone liking to participate may do so by the Hero's Chip In or at Lily's Pad Pet supplies by purchasing a wonderful drawing of Hero.

      I wish that I knew everyone's name that has helped so a Special Thank You could go out on this page but there is no way to list everyone, but feel free to make a comment in the comments box below and just say "I Helped Hero" if you would like to.
      A Special Thank You does go out to one person from Siberian Nation - This person should know who she is, and we hope she brought tissues before she reads this page! 

      Here are a couple more pictures to choose from for your Facebook Page 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Have a "Hero Day"

Please feel free to pass this on to all Husky Pals

As many people are following Hero's status and he is having many ups and downs, I will be updating this page on a daily basis to aid in keeping everyone informed with his progress. Scroll down and look for Hero Updates.
February 14, 2012

will hereby be

 "Hero Day"

 For those of you who are not familiar with "Hero" and his brief past. He is from the L.A., California area. He was dumped in a shelter 2 or 3 days after Christmas. We first picked up on this his story on Facebook, The rescue who saved him was trying to obtain funds with a chip- in to cover his medical expenses. The story that they posted read...

This poor little baby was obviously someone's Christmas present only to find himself abandoned in the shelter 3 days later. He appears to be about 5 weeks old and should probably still be with his mommy. He was dumped at a Los Angele's County Shelter because he is having seizures. He actually had a seizure while being transported to the vet's office form the shelter. This sweet baby needs vetting, blood-work, bile acid test, etc.. We must try to help him since he reminds us so much of Sundance but know that we cant afford another huge vet bill, since we are still paying for Chinooks bill. We are calling him Hero. Tonight he is in the care of Pomona Animal Hospital until we figure out what is wrong or what we can do for him.

Between us here at Siberian Nation as well as FiveSibes and other Siberian blogs, decided to jump in and help Hero by adding his Chip-in widget to our blogs as well as spread the news of this poor fur baby that was being saved with our Facebook communities.
We were very impressed and joyful in the responses and chipping in that everyone has done. From the last time I saw the chip-in the amount that they were seeking had been achieved and then some.
I would like to relay a message from Alley's  as well as from Hero, that is a very big paw-some THANK YOU!
We have helped give Alley's and Hero the strength, caring and some funds to get them past their 1st set of obstacles. I decided to continue to follow his progress and relay as much info as I have had time to.
Thanks to everyone's caring, support and participating in the chip in,  I saw that Hero's seizures were brought under control according to Alley's as well as gaining weight. I am sorry to say that it was found out that he may be blind to an extent, with only apparently having limited vision.

Alley's has been also attempting to save up more funds for Hero, to get him in to see a neurologist to have a full MRI and workup done, to determine the cause of his seizures and any other issues.  This saving is above and beyond the savings they have been doing for other Siberians that need urgent medical care they have also rescued.

Before I continue on, I would like to ask if there is any Vet Neurologist that reads this or specialist, and you have the means could you please contact Alley's to help or help guide them through the current time they are having.You may contact them through the links that I have at the bottom of this page.

I'm sure that the many of us have that have been following Hero's progress realizes that he has kinda become our Christmas Hero for pulling though as he has, as well as now having a special place in our hearts. He has had many many people pulling for him as well as inquiries about adoption. One person was even willing to drive cross country to adopt him and was willing to try and take on his medical expenses. Alley's stance on adoption as well as many of  Hero's followers I see has been disagreement with any adoption at this point because of the unfinished tests and doctor visits he still needs. There is too many unanswered questions. And that adoption can not take place until he would be fully stabilized and the cause of his seizures has been found, Hero's immediate care is the first priority.

Earlier this week Alleys said that Hero started having seizures again, and this time it got worse. They reported that he had 8 in about 24 hours and it seemed that the medication that they had been treating him with appeared to no longer be working. It was brought up by some followers that he may be suffering too much, and the time of where something needs to be done is near possibly. Personally we here as well as other Hero supporters cannot agree with that, due to the fact that  that he needs the MRI and workup before anything can honestly decided. Alley's has some tough choices ahead possibly.  
At the time of publishing this page they are reporting:
Spoke with Hero's newest doctor, we are increasing the Potassium Bromide to at least try and get the seizures to stop to give him some relief. I think if he can get some rest, myself and his caregivers can get some rest, we will be more clear thinking tomorrow. I think 90% of us are all on the same page with this, his General Practitioner and his new Doctor agree if we can not get the seizures stopped tonight we will have to do the right thing by him. Another day of medications, natural or otherwise will have this puppy 2 days of non-stop seizures and that is cruel and inhumane and I just don't think I can do that to him just because I don't want to be the one to say enough is enough for this boy.

Also reported a short time later:

 First time in two days, we are over the 3 hour marker since Hero's last seizure :-) keep those paws crossed.

We here are doing a paw-circle prayer for Hero right now and everyone is welcome to join  if they like.

In discussing things with all the curly tails  here at Siberian Nation, we came up with this idea.
Let's throw a National or what the heck, a Worldwide Hero Day and put the word out for Hero and show him our support and let him know we are all pulling for him and crossing our paws. 
We do not know know if he will be still be with us or follow God's calling over the bridge. Whatever happens it would be kinda nice to show our support and caring for him by making this day "Hero Day" in his honor by posting the picture above on our website, blog and or Facebook page for Feb 14,2012. 
This picture will have it's own special permanent place on this blog as he has warmed all our hearts in a way only he could in his special way. 

Hopefully this should let Alley's know that we are all still here, I do not know currently if Hero has a another chip in going for him, but I find he does I will be sure and add it to this page. I'm sure that anyone that would like to donate to his care can do so by contacting them through-

Pomona Animal Hospital

A special fundraiser for Hero has been set up now for Hero, from one of his many supporters. 

For those of us that love Hero and with Alley’s blessing I have commissioned an artist, Alisa Bradish, to do a character portrait of Hero. However Alisa has generously donated her time and talent to this project.
All proceeds of the sales of this portrait will be sent directly to Alley towards the thousands of dollars of medical bills that Hero now has.
All prints will be signed by Alisa, dated, and numbered. Each portrait will be personalized to include your name or the name of the person that you choose. All prints will be emailed directly to you in a file with instructions for printing it. This way no one pays postage and there is no overhead for myself or Alley. The file itself can be printed from an 8x10 portrait to a poster sized print. The artist herself will email each person their customized, numbered and dated file after payment has been received.
All prints will cost a small fee of $25. This is what Alisa normally charges for her regular portraits and I believe that this is a fair price for a signed work of art.
If you would like to purchase one of Hero’s special portraits and at the same time make a small donation to Alley you can contact me at . All purchases will go directly through paypal. If however you do not have paypal you may contact me via email and I will make other arrangements.

 To get your print please order from the link below
and click on the Hero tab.
Hero Print 

Evening Friday Jan. 20, 2012

 Hero began having severe multiple one right after the other seizures and it has obviously taken a huge toll on him. We have loaded him with PB, Pheno and valium, we are going to wait a bit and see what happens, if he has any more seizures tonight we are going to have to let him go, we have agreed this is just too much for a 9 week puppy. Will update, thanks everyone for caring so much about this innocent baby.

Saturday Jan. 21, 2012 

Good morning, Hero is still here with us :-) we finally got the seizures controlled as of last night. He seems to be recovering and his eyes have finally reopened, he seems to be getting steady again and hallucinations have mostly stopped. We will watch him today and hope they dont start again. If we can get them controlled long enough, we can look towards more treatment if he can handle it. I love the artist portrait, all those could pay for an MRI, that would be great if that could happen. Will update you all again soon. We are going to try and give him a day off from the vet and let him be a puppy today if possible.
 Hi all, well I have an update and would love your opinions. Hero has begun seizing again, we have a $1400 and some dollar bill already at PAH that we will pay Monday, and the specialist that he is now seeing. The donations along with our funds existing funds are covering everything. We also have Vinny and Lala going in for surgery, Eternity going for daily wound care and Chinook who just went and saw his vet today. A generous group has offered to pay $1200.00 towards his MRI and catscan which would mean we would come in with the other approx 1200.00. We dont know if these tests will even show anything but they might. What do you all think, do we go ahead and possibly put him to rest or try and do the tests?
He has had all blood work, bile acids, chem profile, xrays, you name it he has had it, except for mri and cat scan.


Thank you all for your Hero thoughts, I just realized I cannot take him and hold his paw and euthanize him yet. It very well might be the right choice but I just cant and no matter the circumstance, I along with others from the group always hold their paw if its time, but cannot do it yet, unless the seizures continue and are severe and I determine the tests are not something we can do. Sooo I am going to go over the finances, outstanding and upcoming bills and see IF we can afford the tests.


We need only to sell 24 Hero pictures minimum towards MRI and Catscan, we can cover the rest I think :-) assuming we have no other emergencies.

 Well its a quiet night for Hero, going to try and rest a bit. Paws crossed he makes it through the night with no seizures. Good night all, thank you for all you do to help all these homeless animals and your support of us. Will update in the am.

Sunday Jan. 22, 2012

It was not a seizure free night or morning, sigh.

This morning he is eating his breakfast, chewing his toy and having a puppy moment, how in the world do I give up on him, but no we cannot keep letting him go through this, if testing is not affordable, he is still having far too many seizures to keep waiting for drugs to work.


Thank you everyone for all your support and contributions towards Hero. I know we can't save them all but we save many and I think we can save him. I can't tell you how deeply touched I am by all the kind words, advice, opinions, help and love for Hero. You all are truly the best of the best.


Hero is resting and hasn't had another seizure tonight. Looks like things might be looking up for our little guy. Of course I will keep you all updated and we will be calling tomorrow to schedule his Neuro testing, thanks to all of you and the nice group donating half of the fee's. Lets try and get some rest tonight...I'm sure many of us could use a little.......big hugs and luv, Hero and the rest of us :)

Hero Day has now been established as a Scheduled Event on Facebook. Everyone who wants to celebrate in his Special day is invited to join in. Help show him he is someone really special!

Event on Facebook - HERO DAY


Monday Jan. 23, 2012

Good morning all, well Hero had a better night only 5 seizures which is very good considering what he has been having. We have made his appt. with the Neurologist for tomorrow :) also got to speak with the Neurologist this am and he seemed very informed and realistic, I was happy with him. Will update you all as the day goes on and of course as he goes to the Neurologist....thank you all :) for helping make this possible for him by purchasing his portraits.


only two seizures so far today


Its a pretty calm night for Hero, he is feeling good and frisky.


Tuesday Jan 24, 2012

Hi all, he is fine we are at the neuro and it was a long travel

A video of Hero arriving for his appointment

Hero will be staying over for his MRI and possibly a spinal tap, we are on the road I hope to a diagnosis and making him feel better. They have staff here 24 hours and will monitor his seizure activity.


 Hero just had a seizure while here, they are taking great care of him. For $2400.00 bucks they better :-) will update if anything new
According to Ally from a post a couple of days ago: "yes, it seems his right eye has zero vision, but I was happy today to see that he seems to now have pretty good vision in his left eye, that gives me even more hope that maybe he could have a relatively normal life."

The Vet agrees his vision is pretty bad, but says they will recheck it once he gets a bit older.


Good evening all, well its a quiet night with little Hero staying at the hospital, nothing new to report yet. I"m going to call right now and check on him.


Just checked on Hero, he had his dinner but has had a few seizures, they are watching him closely.

Jan. 25, 2012

Hero is OK, still at vet, they are doing his MRI now and will call when done.


Well Hero has finished his tests and we have a diagnosis. Hero has a pocket of fluid on the brain which is causing his seizures, aggression and vision issues. They cannot draw all the fluid out because of the pocket size, doing that will cause his brain to collapse so he would need a shunt placed so that the fluid can slowly drain. They state only because of his young age he is a candidate and without this surgery he will need to be euthanized, since he will continue to decline. The surgery is approx. $11,000 dollars and with rescue discount will be $7,000-$9,000 as much as I and all of you love him, this rescue can not pay this, its impossible and I'm so very sad to tell you all this horrible news.


"Hero" is fighter; I know that raise $9000 for his surgery is a huge task, but miracles can happen
I'm sorry I had to take a couple hours to cry. I feel I have failed Hero because I cannot do what he needs. I will give him as much time as I think he can handle for a miracle to happen for him, he will let us know when he has had enough. But if we cannot raise the funds and we have to let him go its important to me that your all on board. We cannot let him continue to be a sick puppy for much longer, right?
We all cannot and do not want to imagine how Alley feels right now. I'm sure that we are all feeling very numb inside. She is terribly upset and crying. We here at Siberian Nation have decided to aid Hero and Alley in setting up for her another Chip-In. At the moment she is in no condition to do anything.
All funds going into this Chip-In we have set up will go directly to Alley's PayPal account with the information that she provided to us. 

There are many Hero followers on  Alleys Facebook Page  as well as Hero's Event Page that do not want to give up and we here agree. PLEASE WE NEED EVERYONE TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT IN HERO"S ULTIMATE TIME OF NEED!  We ask you to please share his story and Chip-In  with everyone  that you know as well as businesses and ask the same of them, to share and donate if they can. But most of all show your support to Hero.
Hero Is very strong minded and he can show us the miracle that we all want to see, he just needs our help.With what is wrong with Hero,  I'm sure one person would be left speechless and might not be able to handle it. But with everyone he stands a chance! Lets all give Hero this miracle so he can show us his miracle right back!!!
We here at Siberian Nation may be 2000 miles or so, away from Hero and Alley. But are willing to help them all that we can and show our support.

I will continue to post updates daily to this page.


Jan. 26,2012

Good morning friends, well I am amazed as always by all your support. I just got off the phone with the hospital and they also love Hero, they really do not want him euthanized, even the Neurologist considered adopting him. So I am waiting for a call back, they have agreed to do this at cost, I dont know the figure yet but should get a call shortly and will update soon. He had one seizure this am but otherwise is ok.


Lol hi all, the reason I am not posting surgical location is we are receiving odd communications from Hero stalkers and we are trying to get the hospital to work with us and do not want them receiving crazy phone calls, I know sad isnt it. Some of you know where he is and anyone who feels they need this info PM us.


Just spoke with hospital they will do surgery for $7000.00 just need to see what we have raised. They need $4,000 to get him into surgery and balance in 10 days.


Questions regarding damage Hero has already sustained and future. The Neurologist states the brain is an amazing thing and with Hero's young age he feels he is an excellent candidate, states if Hero was his puppy he would do the surgery and since they have dropped the costs from as much as $15,000 to $7,000 I think they are confident is him having a great outcome, of course there are never any guarantees.


So guess what, a $4,000 dollar deposit has been called in by a generous donor and Hero will be going in for surgery, we still need to raise the balance so please keep sharing. Hero cannot go in until they get the seizures stopped long enough for this huge surgery, will keep you all posted. Keep your paws crossed and a huge thank you to all who have donated and kept Hero in their thoughts. He still has a huge surgery to go through and we still have alot of money to raise. Much love and thanks to all of you, Alley


Ok so authorization for surgery faxed, non profit paperwork faxed, confirmed receipt of everything. They now are working on getting seizures stopped long enough for him to be stable for surgery. Waiting for return call now with anticipated surgery date. I have been told Hero will be hospitalized for about 2 weeks after surgery.

Sitting here with dewormer and peanut butter all over me from doing dewormings on Brennan, Ruby, Penelope and Priscilla after getting them out and exercised. The peanut butter is their preference to get them to eat their meds, thinking wow I cannot believe we are getting a $15,000 dollar brain surgery done on one our rescues. It is truly amazing when you really think about it, Im in shock this is really happening for this Husky kid. WOW!

I show a total of $933.68 as of yesterday raised in donations, unless there are monies pending. So we still need at least $2000.00 more approximately to cover surgery. Luckily we have at least 10 days to raise it.
Hero update time :-) I just spoke with his night time Nurse Jennifer, Hero is doing fine, he is resting and they are getting him ready for his surgery. The plan is to temporarily get the seizures stopped completely over the next 48 hours and take him into surgery late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. I will make sure to go visit him before surgery and do a short video for you all. I told his Nurse about him being a celebrity and she laughed and said she was going to go get his paw print. They love him and are also thrilled he is being given every opportunity to live a happy life. Lots of love from Hero to everyone.

FiveSibes  has done a fabulous story on Hero today! Be sure to check it out. We are jumping and wooing with joy of the tremendous outpouring of help that has been received for Hero. We still have more funds to raise, the chip in is still going as well as the portraits are still for sale at Lily's. 

We here at Siberian Nation and FiveSibes are aware that many people cannot donate money to help Hero at this time. But there is still one thing that you can do to help Hero! 
Please Light a candle for him. This link is to his group "HERO" find a candle that is not lit yet and personalize it the way you like with a message to him.

Light a Candle for Hero


Jan. 27, 2012

Morning all, Hero is doing fine this morning, they are still working on lessening his seizures but overall he is doing well and has 24 hour staff watching over him like the little royalty he is.


More Hero Supporters are helping out!!! 
Thank You!
Hero Still Needs Help! Please consider donating to help this little Husky puppy. You can find more information here: Help Save Hero

OK Hero donation flyers are in 3 chino vets 1 kahoots pet store and San Bernadino emergency hospital along with stacks that people can take and spread the word one of the docs said there going to donate :) so hears hoping :)

Hero is doing fine, just getting ready for his big surgery. We are still very short on his surgery bill about $1800.00 last time I checked.
We here at Siberian Nation as well as at  FiveSibes are still working very hard as well to get the news out about Hero. 
Here are Siberian Nation we always believe that United We Stand. Right now UNITED WE ALL STAND FOR HERO.
If you have not yet donated to his cause please....  or just Stand With Us by lighting a candle for Hero
Light a Candle for Hero
Jan. 28, 2012
Tomorrow or should I say today after adoption appts and doggie exercise time, I will go see Hero before his big surgery and video him for everyone, he is about an hour from me depending on traffic. I will give him all your good wishes, lots of hugs and kisses if he will let me. Any special messages let me know :-).
Good morning friends or as the huskies say wooorrrwoowooowooooooo something like that :-) no update yet just wanted to say hello. Eternity must go for her daily wound dressing and possibly we may have two adoptions today and than will go see the baby boy Hero :-) will update this afternoon. Have a wonderful day our friends.
Almost Hero surgery time, Im getting kind of nervous.
Any of you local that want to meet him today, let me know. I'm happy to try and arrange it. Never want anyone thinking I'm keeping them from their puppy :-)
Alley is on her way to the vets now...she will be there within the hour....lots of traffic. She said to let everyone know that she will video and post as soon as she gets there to see Hero!
 With Hero now, video on the way
Hero in his festive cone -
 Video of Hero before Surgery
Surgery is at 6am January 29th and
 Surgery time 3 to 5 hours assuming no complications.
Hero is OK, he is very frustrated, very bitey but still very cute. They say he has a something similar to a constant migraine and his brain only partially functioning, which is why he acts the way he does. Took 4 videos to get one where he isn't yelling, biting or throwing a fit. I am now 100 percent convinced this was and is his only option and am so thankful to everyone for helping save his life. Our baby enters surgery early in the morning, cross our paws all goes well.
Seizures had to be completely stopped for a certain amount of time and this has been achieved, 17 hours until surgery.
 This is happening because of all of you, myself and all affiliated with this rescue cant thank you enough.
Oh forgot to mention the back of his head has been shaved already for surgery, which I'm sure he is not happy about, you know Huskies always like to look their best and you might have seen he now has the catheter in his back leg and Hero HATES catheters, I told him hopefully the worst is almost over. We love you, Hero.
Please be an Advocate for Hero! Visit Pet Pardons and look for the Advocate button for "Hero the Christmas Pup." Have also been informed that Hero will be a featured Pet Pardon Story of the Day on Monday or Tuesday!
We here at Siberian Nation are getting nervous as well,, with what will happen. FiveSibes has suggested a  pawcircle of healing and hope and we could not agree more. 
We ♥ Hero. Be strong, our little fighter.
Please  Light a Candle for Hero
And join us in prayer for our little Hero.
Heavenly Father,
The bond we have with our friend Hero is a wonderful and special gift from You. We now ask You to grant our special Hero your Fatherly care and Healing power to take away any suffering he may have. He trusts in us as we trust in You. Give us, his human friends, a new understanding of our responsibilities to Hero as well as other creatures of Yours. Our souls and theirs are on this earth together to share friendship, affection, and caring. Take our heartfelt prayers and bless Hero with healing Light and Strength to overcome whatever weakness of body he may have.

Your goodness is turned upon every living thing, Your grace flows to all Your creatures, Your Light touches each of us with the reflection of Your love. Grant a long and healthy life to Hero. Bless his relationship with us, and if You see fit to take him from us, help us to understand that he is not gone from us but only drawing closer to You. Empower us to watch over our animal friends until they are safely with You in eternity, where we someday hope to join them in honoring You forever.

I will post the results of the surgery as well as further updates below as soon as we receive them!
Jan. 29, 2012

The baby is in surgery, were just waiting.
Still in surgery
Should be hearing from the surgeon soon, Hero just got out of surgery but I have no details yet on how he did, Alley paces the floor.
  I would call again but must admit I have called three times already today ;-) checking to see if he was in surgery and if there were any updates. Trying not to bug them tooooo much. Still waiting
OK all I just spoke with Hero's surgeon, good news and bad news. The surgery was successful in they drew some of the fluid out and got the shunt in but just as they were done his heart stopped, he quit breathing and they had to go into CPR and life saving mode. Hero is very critical and not at all stable at this time, Dr. wants us to be prepared that he may not make it but they will do everything they can. Dr. Says the next 72 hours will tell us a lot but if he calls me today expect it to be bad news :'( . Brain surgery we knew was risky but after seeing him yesterday, there simply was no other choice for Hero. I did not post the video of how really mentally sick this baby was getting because I did not want to hurt you all, but believe me surgery or euthanasia were our only 2 choices. Now is the time, cross your paws, hug your huskies, say your prayers and of course I will update as I know more.
 We just let Alley know about how many people have been following Hero's story and supporting him in different ways here on Siberian Nation, we will continue to bring everyone updates as we receive them from Alley. But I would like to now take the time to relay a Special Thank you to everyone here. Checking the page stats Hero's story has now been read by people in 28 different countries. 
To all our readers Alley would like to say      
"Hello everyone and thank you for following Heros story"

Hero is not doing well, bleeding internally and we are loosing him as the Doctors just told me. They have given him blood and fluids but he is dying. I had to authorize them to go back in and try and find the source. The Doctors state either we go back in and try and save him or we lose him for sure. We have come this far and what could I say but OK go back in and try and save him. Please share, cross paws and keep fundraising, Hero and this rescue need you more than ever.
Its been 28 minutes since they told me he was going in for emergency surgery, no word yet.
I have a nervous feeling, waiting for the phone to ring. I know all you animal lovers out there know that feeling, waiting for the vets call. I am anxious but am almost afraid to answer. No call yet.
Just spoke with one of the 3 surgeons on Hero, he is still in surgery, they are unable to locate any particular vessel or bleeding area, they think he may have an underlying problem with his clotting factor. He is still in surgery and things are not looking good were the doctors words. They will call once he is out of surgery and at this point we can only cross our paws for a miracle.
‎:'( I am so sorry and sad to tell you all that our Hero passed at 5:51pm. Thank you to all of you for being right with Hero this whole time, for donations to help with his huge bills, for your support of me and this rescue. Thank you especially to Theresa for the huge donation to get him into surgery. Would we do it again, I hope so. Thank you to Dr. Gorgi and the other surgeons for doing everything possible and using the phrase "we are really pist that we could not save him" which just reassured me how hard you all tried, for handling Hero's case all the way through even though you are a Specialist and normally a Specialist would have moved on to his next case 5 hours ago. Hero will be privately cremated and will come back to his rescue where he belongs. Please continue to donate in Hero's honor so we can pay his bills and help the next one in need. I love you all for everything you have done for Hero and that by the end of this story, he has close to 1000 friends and family members. I know I should say more but I'm speechless, I really was hoping we could save him. I'm so sorry everyone.
Siberian Nation sends our tearful eyed support for Hero to continue  supporting Hero, For now Hero is a Legacy. 
We here would like to continue to observe Hero day on Feb 14, 2012. So please continue to show your support to Hero by making his photo your default photo on Valentines Day.
We will be consulting with Alley as well as FiveSibes to get a day set aside just for Hero every year online in the near future. Not for sharing our sympathy, but for rejoicing our united love for him as well as keeping all of the new friendships alive.
Also to put able to put a plan together the get the word out about giving pets such as Hero as a Christmas a present. As it takes a  special responsibility to assure that the pet will be taken care of and not discarded to a shelter, no matter if a medical issue would arise or not. Alley has done her best, as have all in the online pet community, as well as the pet blogging community. 
Hopefully we can have a yearly date and plan set up with everyone to share with you by Feb 14 and it can be formally announced at that time.  
But for now a great poem written by  
by MakWa4me
North of The Rainbow Bridge

The time comes. A Siberian Husky lifts up its head. There is an untested adventure beyond. Time to go.

Across the Rainbow Bridge is a place for all dogs. A river runs wide and shallow with tennis balls that fly with their own wings; that is the place for a Labrador or Golden to await its master's arrival.

The Siberian is not content here. Northward is its trail....

There are soft pastures for Aussies and Border Collies, with sheep and geese to pen. Agility equipment grows like trees amid Frisbees and flyball.

But the North continues its sure wild call, and the Siberian's journey continues....

Now the air is colder. Now the moon is always full. Now the light is silver and it breaks and shimmers on fields of bright snow. Now there are no roads, no walls, no pens, just endless space to run. This is where Siberians gather, North of the Rainbow Bridge.

They wait in this beautiful place, happy, but not complete. Suddenly, a howl begins, as one dog senses someone coming, someone very special. All the Siberians raise their heads and join in the ancient chorus. They dance like moonbeams and sing like winter winds.

There are red ones like dawn streaks, black ones splattered with many colors and silver ones like the first strange hour before light. They line up as if in harness and run together, in a scintillating, many-colored streak. The leader of the team guides the others past the fields and river, with racing feet and racing heart. They rush to greet the new arrival at the Rainbow Bridge, where the leader is rejoined with its beloved person, never to be parted again.

The glory of the reunion is celebrated by all the Siberians dwelling beyond the Bridge, a glimmering, multicolored team leaping and whirling with joy. The light from that scene is what we see on magical evenings in the northernmost parts of this Earth: The Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights beyond the Rainbow Bridge