Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome !

Welcome to Siberian Nation. Looking back I see that I have chosen that name, because I just don't have Siberian Huskies living with me. I also have a Lab-Pit mix & boy does Rosie fit in, I think that is one of the persons that convinced me of the name.
Many times when all 3 of the kids are out back in the yard playing, Maya Jane and Bosley get playing as Husky's do, up on their hind legs trying to get at each others neck and wrestling and such. Rosie used to always watch and I do believe that she was feeling a bit left out because neither one of them would want to play with her that way unless it was a good game of tag your it....Until good ole Rosie came up with a new approach.
I call it the Rosie chin bump.
She would start running up to them and then jump up and let her chin come down on one of them. This has to be one of the most original things I have ever seen. After she does it a few times then they start including her in the playful wrestling match. Also I honestly think that Rosie has her own sense of play, I have never seen her open her jaws to play with either one of them, it is this chin slam on them instead.
Sometimes I think that Maya Jane should have been named Flash instead, when they are outside playing tag and it's her turn to be it – watch out – it's like zero to he-he why are you on the other side of the yard? Then she will start running back and slow down a bit coming up to the others and they try to get her and the moves and agility she has to get by them every time of course unless she doesn't want to. I bet a few pro football teams could learn a few things by her moves. 
In the future I plan to share many of our adventures & trips as well as hopefully some use information that you will find useful as well as entertaining. I will also post events and do stories on the ones that we will attend. Feel free to subscribe to the blog & add comments that you have.  


  1. Wooos and Hellos!!! Loving your blog...very excited to read about your Siberian Nation adventures! Thank you for posting a link to my book! Here's to many great relationships here in Blogville - a community of great animal-loving folks and we are so glad you are part of it!

  2. Thank You !! Hopefully you will get some good smiles