Sunday, January 1, 2012

Get Better Soon Mom & The New Years Stray Dog Prayer

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a very active day here at Siberian Nation.
We got a message today from some long time friends that Ninja which is Maya Jane and Bosley's mom wasn't doing so good. At first they were thinking that she may have had a stroke or something. Ninja as of today (12-31-11) is 14 years, 5 months and 16 days old. And that was shocking to all of us here!
Both of them had to send get well cards to their mom!!


After we in finally got in touch with them, we found out some good news. That it may not be a stroke or anything real serious. There is another possibility which matches her symptoms. 
In there home, there are other Siberians as well as a Pure German Shepherd which they have been training as a service dog. He has had some allergy problems in the past. But the last few months things have gotten worse for him to a point of having to see a vet. specialist. Because they could not determine or cure what has been going on with him. Not fully going into the details the specialist believes that it could be Intestinal Lymphangiectasia And/Or Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 
He has been on a strict diet as well as many meds and vitamins. 
What we currently believe is that the Ninja may have ingested some of  his output. Hence the behavior that was suggesting stroke has dissipated. They have kept his outings in a separate fenced off section of the yard but it is hard telling what effect that his output could have on the other dogs if ingested. And all things point to this is what had happened. 

So we were asked if we would be willing to take Ninja for a couple weeks. We were more than willing!! The thing is we are worried about is that what happens when we get so attached to her that we wouldn't want to see her go. So there is an opportunity to where she will become our newest family member. Wonder if Maya Jane and Bosley is ready to have mom watching them all the time.

With this happening as well as all the other events I have seen this past week I got thinking about all the fur-babies out there that right now have no one. And all of the great things that rescues and people do. As well thinking about the poor fur-babe that is out there that hasn't been rescued yet and has had no one this Holiday Season  

The New Years Stray Dog Prayer

Dear God, please send me someone who'll care!
I'm tired of running, I'm sick with despair.

My body is aching; it's so racked with pain,
And Dear God I pray as I run in the rain.

That someone will love me and give me a home
A warm cozy bed and a big juicy bone.

My last owner tied me all day in the yard
Sometimes with no water and god that was hard!

So I chewed my leash god and I ran away
To rummage in garbage and live as a stray.

But now God I'm tired and hungry and cold
And I'm so afraid that I'll never grow old.

They've chased me with sticks and hit me with stones
While I run the streets just looking for bones.

I'm not really bad God, please help if you can,
For I have become just a "victim of man"

I'm wormy dear God, and I'm ridden with fleas and
All that I want is an owner to please!

If you find one for me God, I'll try to be good
And I won't chew their shoes, but I'll do as I should

I'll love them, protect them and try to obey
When they tell me to sit, to lie down or stay

I don't think I'll make it too long on my own,
Cause I'm getting so weak and I'm so all alone.

Each night as I sleep in the bushes I cry,
Cause I'm so afraid God, that I'm going to die!

And I've got so much love and devotion to give
That I should be given a new chance to live.

So Dear God Please, Please answer my prayer and
Send me someone who'll really care

That is Dear God, if you're really there!

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  1. Get better soon "Mom!" We are all wooing for you! Beautiful prayer!

    May 2012 bring homes, love & peace to many of the homeless Huskies out there.