Monday, January 2, 2012

A Happy New Years Day Reunion

Mom's Here !!!

We were all laying around watching one of our favorite movies Eight Below, and a bit earlier Bosley showing me how good he can be a nice warm winter blanket, when all of a sudden when there was a knock on door.  
Maya Jane and Bosley got a big surprise after the door opened and they entered, it made them take a step back then step up and go "Mom is that you?".
Low and behold, sure enough it was their mother Ninga.
Rosie wasn't quite sure what was going on or what the big fuss was about but decided to pick up her 3 foot long holiday bone and hold on to it, just in case.
Jumping for joy, almost knocking us over several times, it was a great reunion. 
Once the preliminary sniffs, licks and paw dances were exchanged and the mood settled down a bit, they came to realize that their mother was back and started wondering...  hmm is this a good thing ? Does that mean that we have to always be good again?

A picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words!

Ninga is  going on 14 1/2 years old and is very people shy as well as independent. She has always been considered to us as priceless as Maya Jane, Rosie and Bosley. 
We are happy she is getting her appetite back slowly but surely, with us tonight eating some soft moist can food early and then just as I am writing now eating kibble out of my hand.
Her coming to us, is out of love, her home as been with some very loving good people who very much care for her as well as love their other fur-babies. One of their fur-babies though has been going through a very rough time of it. From allergies, to now a possibly inherited disease they believe. that requires a strict homemade diet to many mineral and vitamin supplements and medicines. My admiration goes out to them for making his meals homemade from scratch everyday to make sure he gets what he needs!

At first it was thought that Ninga had a stroke, then it was looked at as could she have gotten into something she should not have. In looking further into that it is believed that she may have eaten some of the output of the sick fur-baby. 
With all of the problems that he has been having mixed with the medicines that he is on, I'm sure that could possibly be some seriously very toxic stuff. What he has is not contagious . What we believe she ingested into her system, the side effects have been wearing off, but with the things going on right now with him, as well with the costs of his medical bills. We are more than happy to bring her into our home, as family so this could not possibly happen again, as well as be with her kids, especially at her age. 

We will be continuing to keep a close eye on her, as well as all of us giving her lots of Sibe love. She is back with her children and seems very content and happy & having a very Happy New Year ! So everyone please say HI to Ninga, our newest family member.


  1. Agreed...Ninga is beautiful and very lucky to have come into your Sibe-loving home! Keep feeling better, Ninga. Husky hugs from the five to you!