Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow, Now the Fun Starts!

Let the Games Begin !

The day after New Years has been as been a continuation of the holidays. Waking up and going out and seeing the first accumulation of  snow of this winter season. All of our curly tails as well as Rosie bound out into almost an inch of white fluffy stuff today. The scent of everything had changed with the snow and had to be checked out and thoroughly explored.
After everything was thoroughly re sniffed and rechecked for flaws, the real fun began!



EXCUSE ME, Zooming thru !!  Zoom... Slide...Zoom

 Ninja had to stop her adventuring for some water

 Meanwhile the winter games of Zoom & Slide continued on for some time, everyone started getting thirsty and decided to take a break.

 Hey Dad, this water is getting hard on top!!

 Maybe he no one will notice if I just slowly slide my paws in.

Another fun day here at Siberian Nation, all of the fur-babies are wanting more snow because this is just a warm up day!!

On a foot note, I would like to let everyone know that Ninga is drinking water and still improving with her appetite. And her functions are seem OK.  

I have discovered a very interesting subject in the animal medical field and am thinking out doing some further research on it. I see that it is a disease that humans can have as well as canines. It has been known about and around for a good length of time , but with canines much more research still needs to be done and questions answered. I will attempt cover it's highlights in a future blog.


  1. Snow??? We are so jealous! We have zip, zilch, nada. Nothing. And it's January 4th! Maybe we will get some for Gibson's birthday on Friday! Love the pics - your beautiful furkids are having so much fun!

    I will be interested in hearing what you found out. I am so glad Ninga is improving! I hope she continues to do so and is back to being well very soon!

  2. What a blast! We STILL don't have snow...sigh,